ɫƵ launches new ‘Known for More’ brand campaign

January 26, 2024

What will you be known for? ɫƵ’s new branding campaign asks this fundamental question…and answers it: at ɫƵ, you’ll be known for more. 

ɫƵ’s Marketing and Communications Department launched the University’s new brand campaign, Known for More, at the end of 2023 and has now begun to fully infuse it in messaging, and recruitment and promotional materials. The messaging is grounded in the over 160-year-old history of the institution that prides itself that all knowledge is practical. 

At the heart of the campaign is a way for individuals to tell their unique story and how they want to be known, and how a ɫƵ education can help propel learners into leaders to achieve that. 

Known for more than its hands-on, liberal arts and experiential education, the ɫƵ story is entwined in countless lives and has empowered many. The brand campaign is a way for ɫƵ to tell the whole story of itself and its community and an invitation to anyone who wants to be known for their whole story too. 

“With a curriculum rooted in the liberal arts, ɫƵ is preparing students with skills such as critical thinking, effective writing, data analysis, and the ability to engage in respectful and rigorous dialogue,” President Daniel J. Allen, Ph.D., said. “We want students to take advantage of opportunities, of which there are many, to become leaders and meet challenges head on. To be known for more.” 

The new branding was made possible through months of work, input, and feedback from campus partners. ɫƵ’s Marketing and Communications Department utilized industry best practices when crafting the language and design, along with the discovery and research phase of the project, which included audience interviews, usability testing, and intercept surveys.     

The brand platform is supported by four key pillars created during discovery, research, and strategy:  

  • Meaningful learning and outcomes: An education defined by asking questions, deepening knowledge, providing hands-on experience and connecting students to in-demand careers. 
  • Principled and deliberate: Guided by the Lasallian Catholic tradition, we are motivated to serve others, pursue solutions to some of society’s most vexing challenges, and contribute to a more just society. 
  • Building intrepid learners: We challenge our students to seek knowledge and reach their full potential, empowering them in their tireless pursuit of successful futures. 
  • A close-knit campus in a connected city and interconnected world: Close to the vibrancy and opportunity of Philly’s Center City, our social and academic experiences are enhanced by the city at our fingertips, our campus, and our broader global network. 

Audiences can see the new brand materials throughout the Philadelphia area on billboards, public buses, and bus stops, along with social media. Current ɫƵ students are featured throughout the campaign,   

The new brand is paired with an updated website that launched in October.  

“Our new brand campaign Known for More showcases ɫƵ as a leading Lasallian university and a top institution in the greater Philadelphia area,” said Greg Nayor, Ph.D., vice president for enrollment management. “Our goal is to tell the story of the ɫƵ experience and what it can offer including rigorous academics, high-quality campus life, and a return on investment following graduation.” 

Supporting the pillars are the foundational elements of who ɫƵ is as a faith-based institution that provides personalized attention through a dedicated campus that engages the campus community experience with its Division I athletics program. 

“The focus of the new branding is on what students want to be known for. To ‘Be More,’ students need to figure out what they want and who they are,” Nayor said. “We want students who are intellectually curious and to be intrepid learners. Simply put: a student who is curious and who wants to explore new opportunities and ask questions. At ɫƵ, we pride ourselves on teaching the whole student and helping them to advance their pursuits.” 

The new brand campaign provides a vehicle for the institution and the individual to tell their stories.